Legal counsel with a strong commercial focus

 Our folio of past work is proof of our ability to combine legal expertise with commercial nous – We develop strategies for some of
Australia’s most renowned businesses, across a variety of business-critical scenarios.


Looking after The Big 4

Trusted in-house advisors at 2 of the Big 4 Australian Banks to handle some of the most sensitive transactions


Managing 1,200+ trademarks

Helping businesses worldwide to protect and manage their most valuable IP assets


Dominant in 3 niches

Specialists in Technology, Intellectual Property, and Trade Marks Law ensures dominance and mastery of each field

boutique law firm with 80+ Years Combined Experience

Not your typical law firm. We get the job done, with a focus on what’s commercially important to you.

For legal advice related on the ever-evolving landscape of data processing, security, technology solutions, intellectual property protection and regulatory frameworks, trust real world experience and 80+ years of combined legal expertise. Our streamlined operation allows us to minimise overheads, providing you the same quality of work as top tier law firms, but at a fraction of the cost.

  • We help you successfully navigate complex matters with confidence
  • You get experience, proactive guidance and dedication from a senior lawyer throughout the whole of your matter
  • We’re efficient, readily contactable and prompt in responding to your needs
  • Above all, we’re down to earth, pragmatic and easy to work with in all that we do.



Astute in fusing legal expertise & commercial strategy

Switch Legal’s key areas of practice are IT/IP, trade marks, telecommunications, privacy and procurement. But really, we can help with all the general commercial matters that pop up in your day-to-day business.


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1. Technology Transactions

Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge in technology legal functions at both top tier law firms and in-house at blue chip corporations – and have been involved in projects from the truly innovative and cutting edge, to the truly massive, complex and business critical.

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2. Privacy & Data Protection

We know how important privacy law compliance is, both from a regulatory perspective and for maintaining reputation and relationships.

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3. Intellectual Property

We’ve worked in-house for many years at blue chip corporations that have been constantly active in marketing campaigns, use of social media, use of music for various purposes, sponsorships, community partnerships and trade promotions / competitions and many other activities involving complex IP issues.

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4. IP In-Sourcing

Do you have an IP portfolio managed by an external firm? If so, you’ve probably marvelled at the exorbitant fees charged to manage your portfolio.

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5. Outsourcing & Offshore

Not only do we have significant private practice experience in outsourcing and offshoring, we’ve also advised, at a legal, risk and strategic level, on sophisticated outsourcing and off-shoring programmes in our in-house roles – often in highly regulated contexts such as financial services and stockbroking.

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6. eCommerce

We’ve worked in-house for many years at blue chip corporations, where use of multi-layered websites across a number of domains, online payment, sales and delivery channels, social media, and online advertising and transacting were core components of everyday business.

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7. Telecommunications

Our lawyers know telecommunications, with particular expertise in telco procurement and network roll-out/expansion.

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8. Commercial Agreements

We have experience in all the general commercial areas you need to run your business day-by-day.

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9. M&A Transaction Support

We’ve been involved in IT and IP aspects of numerous merger and acquisition deals, both in private practice and in-house.


Have you found yourself in these shoes?

Do you have a complex, constantly evolving or difficult to scope issue to solve?

Our team is equipped to advise with cross-functional teams and extensive long-term engagement.

We believe in

  • regular liaison and proactive reporting
  • being inquisitive & big picture thinkers
  • being available & responsive
  • serving you as an extension of your team
Are you receiving scattered advice from junior lawyers?

Junior lawyers can be inefficient, inconsistent and offer inadequate advice. Your matter is too important to be handled poorly.

We are an agile firm not constrained by the bureaucracy of large and mid-sized firms. Our clients get regular and direct contact with lawyers who have over 15 years’ experience, all for the same price as a junior lawyer at a top tier law firm.

Have you had a poor experience from dealing with multiple lawyers on a matter - leading to double handling, an inconsistent approach or the need for handover?

Our single lawyer approach ensures there is no double handling of work (reducing cost) and clients get a sense of consistency and continuity.

Clients who use bigger firms are generally unable to just pick up the phone and call a lawyer. And, if they can do so, they will likely not be able to get a hold of a senior lawyer.

It’s not like that at all with us. Simply jump on the phone whenever you need. This is our preferred method to move matters along quickly and efficiently.

Do you fear opening invoices from your legal provider?

Coming from in-house, we understand our clients’ need for cost certainty and value. Switch aims to ensure that our fees reflect the value of work to our clients – rather than a slavish multiple of hours worked and an expensive hourly rate.

Because we’re not weighed down by large overheads, our rates tend to be less than ½ those charged by our larger competitors and we offer innovative value-billing models on an ongoing and sustainable basis – giving our clients upfront cost certainty, so they can assess value and budget effectively at the outset.

Our fee models are based on mutual trust and value. They reflect what’s significant to our clients – their goals, strategy and priorities. We agree with clients upfront, which fee model best suits their needs. And rather than offering these models to clients one-off (eg, to win a competitive legal tender, or as a loss leader to secure the client), we offer them as part of our standard business practice. Whatever option the client chooses, our focus is always on outcomes, efficiency and fair return.

Top Shelf Legal & IP Consulting Services

Need a legal expert who understands the commercial context?

Our lawyers have worked on both sides of the fence, at top tier law firms and in house at blue chip companies, including Australian banks.
We have a deep understanding of both the legal and commercial factors driving deals and decisions. Our speciality is distilling this unique knowledge
into our legal advice. We are agile firm and unconstrained by the bureaucracy of larger firms. Our clients have regular and
direct access to lawyers with over 15 years’ experience (for the same price a junior lawyer at a top tier law firm).


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Switch Legal has been Mantel Group’s trusted technology legal partner since incorporation in 2017. Their expertise and specialisation in reviewing and negotiating technology contracts has been critical for us in closing all of our critical master client agreements.

Michael Bodle, Mantel Group Chief Operating Officer

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