We’re taking a fresh approach, based on mutual trust and value – and focused on the outcome you’re after.

We don’t over-lawyer or bind ourselves to a timesheet.

We simply get the deal done.

Switch Legal provides top quality legal and IP consulting services at a fraction of the cost of our larger competitors.

4 Key Differentiators

Switch Legal also works closely with Switch Commercial Services, which provides clients with complementary procurement, strategy and other commercial services.
This model allows Switch to meet both your legal and commercial needs seamlessly and effectively.


Price Certainty & Value Guarantee


True Commerciality




Responsive & Easy to Work With

Price certainty & value

A fair price for the work that matters

At Switch, our fee structures are based on mutual trust and value. They reflect what’s significant to you – your goals, strategy and priorities.

We’ll agree with you upfront, which fee structure best suits your needs. Examples are:

  • A fixed fee based on agreed scope and the value of the outcomes to you.
  • A fixed fee, as above, but with part-payment on certain milestones.
  • A retainer fee for a set period.
  • Time based billing if that’s what you’re after.

Whatever the case, our focus is on outcomes, efficiency and fair return. Not just time spent. We’re so confident in our approach, that we guarantee that you’ll pay no more than what the work is reasonably worth to you.

Finally, we’ll only ever double handle your work where we’re upskilling our more junior practitioners, and we’ll never charge you for that. We’re low on hierarchy – you will always have ready access to senior top-tier law firm quality for the same price as the top-tier junior.

true commerciality

Experience from both sides of the fence

We’re “commercial” – sound a bit trite? Isn’t it the hackneyed claim of all law firms? Thing is, we come from both camps. We’ve done our time at top-tier law firms, then switched to blue-chip in-house roles – working closely with the business, always giving our expert advice in the broader commercial context.

We’ve also been company secretaries and secretaries on risk, audit and strategy committees (including the IT subcommittee of NAB’s Principal Board and the risk and audit committee for NAB’s IT and operations division). We’re not just about the “legals” – we’ve been deeply involved in risk analysis, mitigation and weighting, and bring this experience to every project.

So we’ve earned our stripes – and are well-placed to make that claim. We understand when to pick our battles and the grounds to fight them on – we know what really matters.

Our clients tell us they really appreciate our help with commercial and strategic issues, as well as legal ones – to get to the “problem behind the problem” – and then to solve it.


We’re small, nimble, agile – not weighed down by tradition, process or bureaucracy

We’re agile, so can seamlessly evolve the way we work, to fit with how a client may best receive value in the provision of legal services.

We also help our clients to innovate. Our IP portfolio management offering is a great example.

Some other examples include:

  • Helping you to improve how your legal work is handled (whether internally or externally) – based on the risk, value, complexity and volume of your matters.
  • Helping you to lower your legal costs by self-servicing low-risk work.
  • Helping you to manage project-based contracts once they’ve been signed.

Of course, our clients are also a rich source of innovative ideas. We’re “all ears” – as we’re passionate about improving our services and growing with our clients.

Responsive & easy to work with

We pride ourselves on our turn-around, responsiveness and common-sense approach

We pride ourselves on our turn-around times, responsiveness and common-sense approach.

We take a practical approach to legal advice. First, we won’t give you a tome. We highlight key issues in plain English, common sense and practical terms. We speak your language…

And you’ll never be charged for double / triple handling. Your work will always be managed by a single senior practitioner. No need to navigate its way from junior to senior lawyer, then off to a partner for the “icing on the cake” – just to complement the meal that’s been made of it.

We also operate a flat structure – we support each other to achieve great outcomes for our clients, without territorialism. We just get stuck in and do it.

But above all, we’re driven to deliver our services in a friendly and pro-active way. We’re a close-knit group of friends, who also have a lot of fun along the way. We’re sure you’ll be delighted by how truly easy we are to work with!

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Chris provides high quality advice in tight timeframes, has extensive industry knowledge and business acumen, and can provide valuable insight from his experiences on both sides of the table, acting for both customers and vendors.

Aaron Marschke General Counsel & Commercial Director (Asia Pacific)

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