Here at Switch, we’ve managed large IP portfolios (including setting up a large in-house IP practice). So we’re well aware of the lack of effective IP portfolio management and the excessive costs involved in fully outsourcing the management of an IP portfolio.

Switch can help your business take control of its IP (and associated costs), by preparing a business case for either insourcing (all or part) of your IP portfolio or implementing other cost-efficient options – to maximise the quality and value of your IP, while substantially minimising cost and effort.

By implementing the business case, your business is likely to achieve:

  • Significant reduction in external legal spend – up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum (in the case of large portfolios)
  • Greater efficiency, oversight and management of your business’ IP – made possible through on-line IP management software, implemented and customised by us to meet your business needs
  • Improved quality of brand management – as your in-house resource will have a real understanding of the business, its corporate structure and ongoing branding strategies
  • An embedded IP culture across legal and the relevant business.

There are a number of options that we can deliver – and we’d be happy to discuss which of these best suits your needs.

Of course, if your IP portfolio isn’t yet large enough to justify it being wholly or partly insourced, we can offer end-to-end IP consulting and IP management services at a much reduced cost.